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The Historical past and Timeline of Loopy Shirts Tag: 1964 to 2003


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Mar 22, 2024
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The usual lore is that Loopy Shirts started in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1964; reached its apex within the 70s and 80s; and was on the verge of being gone perpetually by 2001. However there’s extra. Much more.

This can be a story with all of the craggy and crooked insanity of any true Southern California sartorial snapshot, a t-shirt story informed with twists and tumbles. The primary proprietor, Rick Ralston, had the seeds of the concept when he was a lad in Montebello, grabbing a can of spray paint and throwing a recent coat and a unusual design over a plain outdated white tee. Quickly sufficient he and his buddy (identified affectionately as “Loopy A”) had been portray designs on seaside towels and honing their craft on the hunk of rock smack dab within the stunning Pacific referred to as Catalina. When you’ve learn Island of the Blue Dolphins (which was really set on close by San Nicolas island however that’s irrelevant) you get the vibes.

Vacationers had been quickly bringing the child’s clean tees on Descanso Seaside. Rick and “Loopy A” saved spray portray them with photos of swaggy aliens, muscled-out sizzling rods, maniacal monsters, and such. After a number of extra sun-bleached Catalina summers and a brief stint in artwork faculty, Rick took his present on the street as soon as extra and commenced hawking his wares in Waikiki below the tiki roofs of the Worldwide Market. His rising recognition led him from one factor to the following and shortly Ricky’s Loopy Shirts had totally embraced screen-printing and pumping out one-of-a-kind tees soaked in optimistic aloha vibes.

Some of the notable collaborations that Loopy Shirts ever launched into was a partnership with cat artist extraordinaire, B. Kliban. Together with the ever-imitated and bootlegged HAWAII 79 shirts (insert any 12 months thereafter really), B. Kliban’s loopy shirts stay essentially the most iconic graphics related to Loopy Shirts.

By 2001, the corporate had modified arms and gone by a interval of chapter, breaking by and bouncing again to a brand new posterity with many shops throughout the US and a whole lot of various designs. One uniquely Loopy Shirts expertise has been to dye the tees in a wide range of substances: cash, espresso, chocolate, beer, and hemp.

The notable Loopy Shirts tag has morphed by the ages and stays probably the most beautiful and recognizable fonts within the biz.


First generation Crazy Shirts Tag Waikiki hand screened

vintage 1970s crazy shirts inc Polo tag

These are the earliest variations we’ve been capable of finding. Whereas the corporate could have been making tees in 1964 – likelihood is they didn’t begin with their very own tag. Initially, they might have used one other clean, then began manufacturing their very own t-shirts. Extra analysis on that is required although. Curiously, it says Waikiki as an alternative of Hawaii on the one above. What’s additionally fascinating is that the majority Loopy Shirts tags have a uncooked neckline the place the tag is hooked up, whereas this one has cloth over prime – it wasn’t till the 2000s that CS did this once more.

stedman hi cru crazy shirts hawaii t-shirt tag


Crazy Shirts tag 1971 - 1972 100% cotton

The tag with “100% cotton” above the Loopy Shirts brand appears to be the second tag, they had been used all through the 70s, and concurrently with the tag under.

Crazy shirts tag 1973 - 1983

crazy shirts t-shirt tag 1975

100% cotton will get dropped on the entrance of the tag.

First Era Entrance Tab Tag​

first generation crazy shirts front tab tag

One of many distinctive issues about Loopy Shirts is the extra tag alongside the decrease entrance seam. These slowly made their method onto the tees within the mid-Nineteen Seventies, from what we are able to collect, 1975, and 1976. By 1980 they had been largely customary.


crazy shirts tag 1984 and 1985 new design with no fill in the border with TM

This new design caught for fairly a bit, but the solely lasted a number of years and was changed with an ®.

1986 – 1992​

® icon is added to the crazy t-shirt tag in 1986

® comes on and sticks for the rest of the tag’s historical past.

Second Era Entrance Tab Tag​

second generation tab tag on front with no fill

To enhance the neck tag, the fill contained in the border was not current.

Third Era Entrance Tab Tag​

third gen streamlined tab tag - one line, no border.

The design on this tab was streamlined, the border was dropped, and its utilization appears to predate the principle tag dropping the border on its design. So that you’ll discover early Nineties tees with considered one of these, but nonetheless have the extra conventional important tag within the neckline.


At this level, Loopy Shirts dropped the border across the brand on the neckline tag. As with all of those timelines, take into account, that it wasn’t a transparent break to the brand new tag, loads of the earlier variations had been nonetheless floating round. That mentioned, circa 1993 appears to be the 12 months the place this new streamlined brand made its first look.

1993 crazy shirts tag with no border


2000s made in el salvador t-shirt tag

Made in El Salvador seems on the tag.
2000s web url crazy shirts tag

A URL seems on the tag. The corporate remains to be in operation by the best way.

2003 hawaii '64 t-shirt tag el salvador

and sadly, within the 2000s period, the corporate dropped the material tab alongside the entrance hem and finally went the best way of a printed brand on the sleeve.

crazy shirts hawaii '64 arm print

Examples From Ross’ Assortment of Classic Loopy Shirts Tees​

vintage 1972 ski hawaii crazy shirts t-shirt
vintage 1972 hawaii sunset sailing boat crazy shirts t-shirt
vintage 1973 california surfer surfing t-shirt crazy shirts
vintage 1975 you turkey crazy shirts t-shirt
vintage 1976 tennis menace t-shirt crazy shirts
vintage 1977 slow but mellow turtle t-shirt crazy shirts
vintage 1977 crazy shirts armchair athlete t-shirt
vintage 1979 body surf hawaii t-shirt crazy shirts

vintage 1980 crazy shirts hawaii sailing t-shirt

vintage 1982 hawaii t-shirt crazy shirts


vintage 1970s and 80s b. kliban cats crazy shirts t-shirt
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