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ANALOG ABATTOIR: “GHOULIES III: GHOULIES GO TO COLLEGE” is the rubber monster/frat comedy mash up you didn’t know you wanted, bro!


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Mar 22, 2024
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Starring: Evan MacKenzie, Kevin McCarthy and Matthew Lillard
Directed by John Carl Buechler
Written by Brent Olsen
Solely foreign-region releases on Blu-ray

A celebration is in progress on the Analog Abattoir frat Kappa Iota Lambda Lambda. Half burnt-out Christmas lights are strung up and blacklights illuminate Frazetta posters of barbarian badassery. Sick thrash jams blast out of the stereo as bodacious babes rock out to selection riffs. Clearly, the projector is unspooling a university horror flick like Night time of The Creeps or Pledge Night time. Did I point out we stole all of the dean’s underpants? Take a look at query: What extra might I ask for? Properly, the reply is three tiny monster-men dressed like both members of Anthrax or The Fats Boys able to rage until the break of daybreak. GHOULIES III: GHOULIES GO TO COLLEGE aces the take a look at.


I’m a sucker for a ridiculous frat comedy. To be clear, I’m not speaking in regards to the merciless, humorless boner comedy flicks of the early 2000s. Watching a film like American Pie, filled with deeply unlikable children that confuse humiliation for jokes is torture. Plus, if the crux of your comedy is defiling baked items, one pie is a low pastry depend. I’m a connoisseur of outlandish slobs vs. snobs tales that stay frozen within the insane and typically problematic comedy amber of the Eighties and early ’90s. After all, floor zero is the 1978 traditional Animal Home. From there, you could have every thing from the hyper-crass tackle quick meals often known as Hamburger: The Movement Image, the video arcade-themed Joysticks and the raft race antics of Up The Creek (a private favourite). On the planet of the horror-comedy hybrid, there are just a few madcap flicks that get shut, like Wacko and Pandemonium, however none hit the mark fairly like GHOULIES III.


The primary Ghoulies looks like an train in throwing every thing on the wall to see what sticks. Jack Nance as a warlock? A rapidly scrapped 3-D gimmick? A bit inexperienced creature bursting out of a rest room? It seems the monster within the porcelain throne was the stickiest. Ghoulies II all however abandons the occult component in favor of the Ghoulies crashing an imperiled carnival. Hiding in a darkish journey, they unintentionally grow to be a draw for the failing attraction. Throw within the slobs vs. snobs angle of the carnival staff up towards a money-hungry new proprietor and a monitor by shock rockers WASP, and you’ve got a film that I really feel is way superior to the unique. Then got here the zenith and undisputed champion of the Ghoulies franchise (Belief me. We don’t wish to speak about Ghoulies IV.) GHOULIES III: GHOULIES GO TO COLLEGE delivers in spades on the promise of its title (Taking a look at you, American Pie 2, which doesn’t have two pies). This time, the creatures are conjured out of an evil bathroom through a comic book book-style grimoire. Now within the service of the diabolical Professor Ragnar (Kevin McCarthy from the unique 1956 model of Invasion of the Physique Snatchers), they’re tasked with eliminating the thorn in his aspect – Skip Carter and his social gathering animal prankster frat (which features a younger Matthew Lillard, half a decade earlier than his Scream character, Stu, begins feeling actual woozy). The motion takes place throughout prank week on the college, and Skip and his band of merry males have their arms full taking up Ragnar, the Ghoulies, and an overzealous campus cop.


Like the perfect form of social gathering, GHOULIES III is self-aware and intensely over-the-top. Shifting at a breakneck tempo, the film is ideal for an evening when solely a deeply foolish creature characteristic will do the trick. Each component is turned as much as eleven, from the inconceivable pranks dedicated by our heroic frat boys to characters like Hope Marie Carlton’s fitness-obsessed Veronica to the titular Ghoulies. Our trio of little monsters banter like The Three Stooges, spy on ladies of their underwear and drink beer quicker than Belushi. (Richard Type voices Cat Ghoulie, and the scene the place he says he’ll “simply take one” lives rent-free in my head). Credit score after all should be given to John Carl Buechler, results wunderkind and director of this absolute gem.


Now, to finish on a really severe and crucial piece of data: Some individuals are furious that the Ghoulies discuss on this installment. I discovered this from quite a few rage-filled Letterboxd opinions, fuming that the in any other case flawless legacy of tiny rubber monsters that high-five and come out of bathrooms was ruined after they got the present of speech. I wish to make one thing very clear. I love that they discuss. Now, crank the steel and move the beer bong.

Loss of life to false horror,
Dr. Benny Graves

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